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Welcome to the LPPCA

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Welcome to the LPPCA website.

The LPPCA is Ryerson’s Law Practice Program Candidates Association.  

All our social media is maintained by our Executive body.  The Executive body of Year 7 (2020-2021) is comprised of Lilia Kvorka, Kishan Jariwala, Ruppie Gidda and Artem Litvino who also liaise with the LPP administration on behalf of the LPPCA members.

You can read a bit about the history of the LPP here and you can view a list of past Executive members here.

We will post events here and any public communications to the Law Society of Ontario or the Ontario Bar Association (OBA).  Please subscribe below to get updates when we post on our blog (here) and on Twitter to learn more about the law and the LPPCA in Ontario’s legal landscape.

You can read our constitution here.

What is the LPP?

The video to the left was published by the Law Practice Program administration to explain a bit about what the LPP is and how it makes candidates into better lawyers.

This could be you.